Manyavar – Promoting Evolution of Traditional Clothes for Men in India

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A designer Sherwani from Manyavar is an Indian correspondent of a western suit. It is considered to be a formal garment that is worn in important events in India. It has successfully evolved over time and usually reflects the grace associated with political, cultural and economic situations that exist in India.


Bandhgala Sherwani – Comprises of Two Parts

At present, Sherwanis are preferred to be the best match for the grooms. As a formal piece of clothing, the Bandhgala is highly preferred. The history that exists behind this dress material is rich and deserves special commentary. Sherwanis for men are two-piece garments that are comprised of:

  • Jacket – The length is waist length, long sleeves and usually includes Nehru collar.
  • Pants – They normally refer styled trousers. Some go for tightly fitted trouser which is known as churidar.

There is an optional extra accessory that is usually worn around the neck. It is a scarf which may be embroidered, plain, bright colored or printed. Manyavar Delhi offers the scarf to be worn for festive occasions like weddings or festivals along with formal occasions. Sherwanis are versatile   garments that are worn for festive as well as formal occasions alike. But the style is chosen in order to suit the occasion.

Cultural Influences on Sherwanis

Cultural influences on types of Sherwanis play a vital role in selecting the best. The Sherwani can be easily styled in a modest manner that is lightly embroidered and detailed. Heavily embroidered Sherwani can be chosen for selective occasions. There are many communities in India that frown upon very heavily embroidered garments but prefer simpler styles.

There remains no doubt regarding the fact that this dress material reflects cultural sensitivity of being modest along with not showing off material wealth fully. There are some communities including Punjabis and Sindhis who take pride in wearing richly detailed and embroidered Sherwanis from Manyavar. They really take pride in showing off their wealth.

Economy Affecting Choice of Sherwanis

Economic situations also influence the type of detailing along with fabrics used for stitching Sherwanis for men. Among all, silk as well as linen are highly expensive fabrics that prove to be graceful in special types of gatherings like Bollywood parties. They are generally preferred by affluent communities.

Others tend to go with cheaper silks along with blended fabrics like cotton-silks at the time of purchasing Sherwanis. When viewed politically, Sherwanis have been used to make subtle statements regarding national identity. It has also helped to distinguish the Indian style of dressing from that of western.

Sherwani – Must be Worn with Due Pride

You may see Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as a classic example of an Indian who wore exclusive quality Sherwani suits for key political events. After viewing such an example, Manyavar takes pride in designing and displaying high class Sherwanis hence reflecting Indian culture in the best possible manner.

Hence it can be easily concluded that the history of this traditional garment is very rich and holds many aspects that influence styling. Sherwani is such a garment which must be worn with pride as it has successfully served multiple purposes over time. Good choice for celebrating occasions!

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Top Tips to Buy Pantaloons Anarkali Suits – To Get a Touch of Royalty

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Choosing the right type of dress is paramount. But in the same time, choosing the right party wear is the most important aspect of party. In order to steal the lime light on party day, you may give a try to something different.


Standard Anarkali Suits – Best Choice

Standard Anarkali Suits are the best choice. In order to create a long lasting impression, you need to ensure that you get your dress either stitched from an expert tailor or get a readymade one. Pantaloons hold ample options regarding party dresses for you. But it is good to choose the one with which you will feel comfortable.

Designer anarkali suits are considered to be perfect in case the person holds a perfect body. Hence, finding a good anarkali dress for a grand occasion will usher in thoughts of retro dressing. To a great extent, such a dress material is reminiscent of the Mughal History, which is being re-lived these days.

Contributions by Pantaloons

It is typically a flaired bell shaped dress material that was worn by actresses in Hindi movies. But today, Pantaloons Delhi has contributed a lot in rewinding back the lost tradition due to which people are purchasing these dress materials in bulk.  You will be able to avail a multitude of choice from where it will be possible to choose the best.

After you have selected the best for you, you may get the same altered by the expert hands of tailor to make the dress suitable for you. It is really a daunting task to get your anarkali suit stitched A-Z by the tailor as there is a huge difference between an ordinary stitched material and the one done by the auspicious hands of reputed designers.

Professional Designers – Providing the Latest and Best Stitch

Professional designers will be able to provide the best and latest stitch hence making the wearer exceptional. They include their creativity and innovative skills to design the perfect suit for you. Anarkali suits are considered to be perfect fits for Bollywood theme parties. They can also be worn in case of wedding parties and anniversaries.

As these dress materials cover the whole body from head to ankles, they have really proved to be subtle and sensuous. Along with a good quality suit, going with the right type of accessories will upgrade your look up to a certain height.

Getting Matching Accessories – No More Difficult

You may easily go with the online apparel stores of Pantaloons and others to shop for the best matching accessories. Try to be a bit particular about the material, designs and colors you choose. Although the basic design of anarkali suit remains universal, you will be able to find some variations created by expert designers as they love experimenting with the base design.

You may pay visit to some fashion shows organized and telecasted to get a rough idea regarding the latest trends. If you intend to buy your favorite dress from highly fashionable stores like Pantaloons, you will definitely get the one you are looking out for. It will be better to get your measure to easily get the perfect fitting.

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Important Tips for Buying Denim Jeans for Men

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A good pair of denim jeans is a must for every man. Ever since their introduction, jeans have been versatile. Buyers hold the opportunity to choose from a variety of brands and styles. Sometimes the task of finding the right jeans seems to be challenging, but is not impossible if you come to Levis.

Levis Delhi

Important Tips for Buying Denim Jeans for Men

The only thing is that you need enough time and patience to find the most suitable pair of jeans that fits your body type. Following are some important tips for purchasing the right pair of denim jeans for men from reputed retail stores:

  • Fittings – It is very much important to consider the size at the time of purchasing denim jeans in order to get a pair that fits perfectly. There are many guys who ignore the importance associated with proper fitting of jeans. But it must not be done as it is uncomfortable to see men wearing jeans that are too tight, too loose.

Some of the available standard that fits into the market includes skinny fit, straight leg, boot-cut fits along with relaxed one. It is true that different cuts fit different body sizes. Slim fit is recommended for the slender male while the relaxed one is recommended for those having a bigger build. The relaxed fit by Levis Delhi offers more room for legs. It is good to perform a Squat Test to determine proper fitting of jeans.

  • Material – At the time of purchasing jeans, it is better to go with those pair of jeans that are made out of quality material as it guarantees bearing strength of the denim chosen. Although there may be requirement to pay a little more for jeans that are manufactured using quality material, it can be easily expected that the jeans will definitely endure the test of time.

You may go with manmade fibers for a stylish look. If you are ready to move ahead, then you may opt for brands that mix jeans, denim and other materials like spandex and polyester. In case you expect extra stretch, then it is recommended to go with spandex. It also helps denim to fit perfectly to the body frame.

  • Occasion – Generally men owe less than 5 jeans in their wardrobe. But if you are among that fashion forward men, then you may opt for Levis jeans in variable designs as well as washes. This will enable enriching your stock of right jeans for variable events. If you wear a pair that fits the occasion, then you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

There are many options to choose from in order to get noticed. In case you are attending a high-class restaurant or a trendy nightclub, it is better to consider a pair available in a darker wash. Jeans in darker shades can be easily worn to work. Lighter shades can be worn in the evening if you are out for date.

These are a few considerations to bear in mind at the time of purchasing denim jeans for men.

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Elements to Ponder Carefully while Choosing the Perfect Bespoke Wedding Gowns

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Are you going to be a life partner of your king? Then it is high time to look into the process of commissioning bespoke wedding gowns for you as well as bridal party. This can actually be a daunting task if you are uninitiated and considering thousands of other tasks to be accomplished for the big day.

Being Human

Choosing Most Suitable Gown – No More Stressful

But, Being Human has come to lend its helping hands so that the task of choosing the most suitable gown proves to be an enjoyable one rather than being stressful. It has come to focus bright light on your imagination and budget hence producing the best option in front of you.

But on the day of your marriage, you deserve the luxurious gown to make the moment a special one. In this age of readymade and off-the-rack fashion, many brides are on their ways of thinking the best method to make worth usage of money by purchasing bespoke wedding gowns.

Elements to Ponder Carefully while Choosing Bespoke Wedding Gowns

While you are on your way to purchase the most suitable and adorable wedding gown from Being Human, there are certain elements to consider. They affect both the cost as well as your appearance. They are as under:

  • Designer – Similar to other types of clothes and accessories, the designer chosen holds a great influence. Designers will be introducing the latest trends and fashions so that your investment does not go into vain. With the help of their talent and creativity, you look will get transformed into a fairy one.

Being Human Delhi always prefers designers having sound reputation as they are clear and open about their procedure and are successful in offering a detailed portfolio of past designs along with list of satisfied clients.

  • Materials – In addition to style, the cost and look greatly depend on the fabric that is being included on the main body of the dress along with the trimmings as well as accessories. If you are in a position to burn your pocket a little bit, then natural fabrics such as cashmere and silk will be the best.

High profile designers and shops give due consideration to the amount of fabric being included. Trims such as beadings and ribbons also affect the grace of the gown. But it must be observed that there exists no overboard with accoutrements.

  • Quality – The quality of cloth along with craftsmanship clearly differentiates bespoke wedding gowns from off-the-rack dresses in addition to fabric, perfect fit as well as trimmings. No lining, glued-on accents along with ragged seams are a trait of factory-manufactured dresses.

While, one-off dresses will generally feature invisible darts, seams, lace, hand-sewn embroidery along with beading.

  • Service – There are some people who prefer purchasing readymade gowns from an online store as they are available at rebate rate. But it must be remembered that cheaper is always not the better especially when it comes to choosing the bespoke gown for wedding.

It is good to approach reputed retail shops to fetch stylish and high quality outfit along with personalized service.

Wishing You Happy Shopping!

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Tips to Buy Best Button down Shirts for Summer

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As summer is about to approach, it is better to get ready. It is a fact that summer dressing can come with own set of confronts. Besides t-shirts as well as polos, button down shirts will make you feel great along with providing a great fitting.

Jack & jones

It will give an impression regarding the way you take care of your look along with your desire to resent a professional appearance. In case you do not know the grace regarding wearing of shirts, then it is high time to come Jack and Jones India for shopping.

Tips to Buy Best Button down Shirts from Jack and Jones India

If it is your first time, then below are a few valuable tips to buy best button down shirts for the forthcoming season when the mercury will be shooting a certain height:

  • Paying close attention to the fitness of the shirt – While you are on your way to purchase your shirt, the first and foremost step is about the fitness as well as the comfort associated with the dress material chosen.

In summer, it is good to look for such a dress material which is looser and holds a relaxing fit. The shirt chosen must hold an extra inch in the waist as well as chest areas.

  • Going with the fabric which is light as well as breathable – A button down shirt with a light as well as breathable fabric proves to be of enough help. It is good to choose such a fabric which is breathable, i.e., permits easy exchange of air. As shirts having twills do not permit easy exchange of air, they must be kept aside even after being lightweight.
  • Narrowing down the style of summer shirt – There are certain styles that give off a more casual feeling to any shirt. A great example resembling this example is all about shirts comprising a number of pockets. Pockets found in shirts on chest area or on sleeves denote a casual look.

This is the reason they are perfect for summer. The third style that needs to be paid due attention is all about sleeves as well as cuffs. Softer cuffs along with a little strap are ideal for warm weather.

  • Length of the shirt – At the time of purchasing shirts from Jack and Jones India, do not forget about paying attention to the length of the shirt. Shirts that are worn in summer are meant to be worn un-tucked.

Hence it is important to ensure that the shirt chosen is not too long in length. A very long shirt affects your overall personality.

  • Paying attention to the placement of collar as well as button – Last but not the least, pay attention to the collar of the shirt you have chosen. The collar of the shirt must hold a good look along with a good layout.

Next is all about the placement of button as it determines a good look of the shirt. In case of casual shirts, it is acceptable that the top two buttons must be left unbuttoned.

Have a great summer shirt!

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How to Judge Jean Durability and Quality Before You Buy?

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The real value of jeans is up to the individual who is purchasing them. It is either done on the basis of trendiness, comfort, durability or all these above mentioned factors. But it is high time to note that there are some cheaper jeans in the market that comprise of higher quality than those designer jeans.

Lee Jeans

When you are on your way to purchase your pair of jeans manufactured by reputed showrooms like Lee Jeans, you must first of all know the best ways to judge the overall quality along with its durability. You will remain in a safe side from paying higher prices against cheaper items.

Factors Determining Durability and Quality of Jeans

There exist several factors that help to build quality pair of jeans by considering both art as well as science. The science of the jean is related to chemistry in case of both yarns as well as wash. On the other hand, art is in pattern aesthetics. The factors include:

  • Weight of the denim – The first aspect to look for in a pair of jeans includes the fabric involved. Heavier the fabric, better the quality is the myth followed by many. It is high time to notice that weight does not determine strength.

In case a jean is sold as a dark stone wash along with a soft fabric, it indicates that the jean is made up of ring spun yarns which are long, soft and typically strong.

  • Stretch of denim – It is a well known fact that stretch denim will grow naturally. The recovery of the stretch indicates quality factor. In case the waistband is not sewn properly, then it is known that the same will grow randomly and will not come back to the original state.

It can be easily tested by pulling the waistband several times. In case it is not fused sufficiently, the waistband fabric will appear to be wavy when laid flat.

  • Zipper – The zipper is another factor that affects the longevity of the jeans. The quality of zipper can be easily checked by pulling the same. A good quality zipper will be constantly moving in a smooth manner without getting stumped. YKK is an adequate zipper while Riri will be on higher priced Lee Jeans.
  • Pocketing – Pockets have been created as a necessity of function and therefore must be a comparable quality to the shell fabric. In a lesser quality jean, pocketing is one of the first things to get compromised.

Pocketing must have a softer hand feel instead of rough paper-like hand feel. The pocket must hold the shape in order to allow your fingers to rest easily.

  • Overall craftsmanship – With any sort of made associated with garment, it goes through an inspection. A quick look at the jean will let you know if it comprises of extra threads that have been trimmed as well as   the existence of embroidery. A quality manufacturer will catch hold and send out a clean garment.

These are the points to ponder at the time of judging a pair of jeans.

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Clothing Tips to Look Smart in Formal and Casual Shirts

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After you have concluded with easy buying of trousers, jeans, accessories as well as undergarments, now it is turn to choose adorable casual as well as formal shirts. For some people it is a little bit difficult task to find the most perfect shirts as there is a plethora of choices.

Being Human shirts

Clothing Tips to Look Smart in Formal as well as Casual Shirts

Whether you are buying the same for your own or for a friend from Being Human Clothing, you will definitely get the best item for clothing if you follow the following easy tips:

  • Choosing of best color combination – The first and foremost step in choosing perfect shirt is all about deciding the most suitable color. It is an intelligent idea to pick out a few colors beforehand so that it becomes easy for you to choose the best. Having rough idea about colors that will suit your complexion as well as hair color will let towards an easy selection.

At the same time, try to pay attention to the occasion for which the shirt is being bought.

While going for formal occasions, it is good to avoid shirts having bright colors as well as bold prints. Pink, green, lavender as well as orange will be the most suitable for party wear.

  • Proper selection of pattern as well as print – After deciding the most suitable color of the shirt, the next step comprises of deciding on print and pattern. Maximum patterns fall into the category of stripes and plaids, which really make a nice change after wearing solid colors. Patterned shirts are often difficult to match with a tie.

It is good to build up a collection of such shirts as they are easier to match with the rest of the collection of the dress in order to experiment with patterns as well as prints. On the other hand, shirts that do not require a tie can be patterned to provide a grace.

  • Style as well as fitting – Next step is all about working with the options related to style as well as fitting. Among all, shirts comprising of tapered-cut is considered to be the most modern variety. The collar of shirts that come with as well as without buttons also play an important role in the selection of shirts from Being Human Clothing!

Spread collar is favored by younger men as it provides a more trendy appearance. You may choose the best among full-cut shirt at chest, all over slimmer fitting shirt along with standard-fit.

  • Measurement of shirts – Most of the shops like Being Human Clothing that sell shirts prefer getting measurements done. Also they provide the best guidance on choosing the most suitable shirt.

The most important measurements include the size of neck along with length of arms as they determine the size of shirt which includes small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large.

After proper deciding of color, size and fitness you must be at ease at the time of purchasing your desired shirt. Afterwards, you must be at your wits ends to complete the look by including a tie for gracious look.

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High-Quality Bridal Madsam Tinzin Lehenga Choli in Shahpur Jat

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Are you ready with your makeup cosmetics? Fine! What about your costumes? Unable find a suitable bridal lehenga choli in the retail shops in your locality? Switch on to Shahpur Jat, one of the most favorite places to shop in Delhi for Indian wear. When it comes to bridal outfits, this place is a must to visit for trousseau items.

Shahpur Jat

Designer Lehengas by Madsam Tinzin

You will be highly successful in finding the best dress material for all sorts of occasion including sangeet, mehndi along with nice Lehengas designed by the reputed designer, Madsam Tinzin. Though the place is similar to a village but is known to house highly skilled new age designers. They provide some fabulous and awesome work.

It is a fact that donning a perfect bridal outfit on the wedding day is something dreamt by a bride even before the wedding ceremony gets finalized. From the day of preparation, she plans to fetch the best look. She spends endless hours searching for her perfect lehnga choli. It is not only something that she is going to don on that day but will also serve as a keepsake of her wedding day memories as well.

Composition of Recent Collection of Lehenga Cholis

A recent collection of lehenga cholis comprises of super cute colors along with silhouettes. Those gowns are designed in the manner to comprise of floor length. In case you are searching something for your friends and sisters, then peplum lehengas are perfect options. Are you ready to spend a little more? Then you may go for either lastel pink and blue floor length raw silk gown with acutout at the waist.

The golden lace lehenga with pink peplum top will also b a good choice for a gorgeous look. You may also choose colorful lehengas. The most top colors used for cutting lehengas include coral, lime as well as pink. For sangeet outfits, light colored floor length gowns in soft fabrics will be the best.

Gowns as Per Traditions

People who are great fans of ancient traditions may easily opt for the pastel pink lehenga with chikan work all over the bodice and silver sequined waistband by Madsam Tinzin. It is available in various ranges due to the craftsmanship included into it. For the Mehendi occasion, there are lots of bright and light lehengas. The pops of neon and bright colors include uber cuteness as well.

Best Alternatives to Plain Texture and Fabrics

Getting bored with old trends of plain fabrics and plain texture? Then the Bandhej will be one of the hot shots for your wedding lehenga choli. This specific Jaipuri design is woven with a heavy sequin along with shell work to provide an idiosyncratic style. You can easily drape the dupatta in Gujarati style. For having a royal touch, you may include a gold waistband. Also, the ones designed using net hold satin and crepe fabrics underneath for highlighting the gloss.

The cuts and flares in the lehengas will also add to the glory of the gown being worn. There are some specially designed gowns to hug the body of the bride well and flaunt her figure.

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Custom Made Lehengas, Gowns & Dresses

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The wedding season is coming up, and you know what that means! Endless wedding events and parties. If you are the one getting married- what this means for you is a whole basket full of stress. You want your wedding day to be special. You want your wedding day to be unforgettable. And you want to be treated like royalty. But besides the actual ritual, weddings last a lot longer. You have to worry about looking perfect for everything from haldi to sangeet to the actual wedding to the reception to the cocktail party. They are all important and finding custom made outfits for every occasion can be very confusing.

Rakhi Tarak

Don’t worry; however, this helpful guide shall help you in finding the best lehengas, gowns and dresses into making your wedding the best one ever. Here’s a guide on when to wear what and where to get them.

Custom Made Lehengas

Lehengas are as important as pieces of jewellery. They are a big investment, and a lot depends on how you look in them and carry it off. It is always advisable to buy these things with great care, but the number one thing to worry about with lehengas is fitting. Be sure to get Lehengas custom made to the designs you have in mind and go to only a store which provides special fitting and alterations. Major boutiques in the Chandni Chowk area like Rakhi Tarak really excel in this area;they can create custom made creations so that your lehenga remains one of a kind and also available at a good price.

Custom Made Gowns

Gowns are quite the rage these days even for brides as they add a casual yet glamorous look to the wedding wardrobe. This is worn especially for the cocktail party, where the point is to drink and little and has fun! With no rituals in between this, it is really the best time to let your hair down and go fusion with your outfit. Though gowns are essentially a Western kind of outfit, they are really becoming trendy these days when they are designed in Indian fusion. This has especially risen since Bollywood started having Westernised awards and designers started designing with a wonderful mix. These gowns are to die for and really form perfect bridal wear.

Custom Made Dresses

Custom Made dresses which are short are not really appropriate for the bride but is perfect for her family party. Custom made dresses that made specially to match the outfit of the bride and to make the wearers feel like little princesses themselves are a great way to show support to the family while looking fabulous as well. Really, weddings have become something of a small runway, and we are not complaining! This is especially appropriate for sangeet and cocktail parties.

And so, go ahead and spend big on custom made clothes! These clothes always have the ability to make you feel special because you will always know that they are made just for you.

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Select your T-shirts and Crop Tops at Saket

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Delhi is home to tons of shopping malls. One such mall is the Select City Walk mall. The Select City Walk Mall is famous for selling top quality branded clothes and apparels to thewhole of Delhi.

The shopping complex is located in Saket District of Saket’s City Centre in proper New Delhi. The whole shopping complex is 6 acres in width and the retail department alone is thirteen lakh sq ft.. The whole complex not only has a shopping mall, but it also houses a multiplex, residential apartments, offices and public areas.


In the shopping complex, there are several stores which are dedicated to one particular brand. These stores are generally operated by the brand or the company which ones it, itself.

Get T-shirts and crop tops

That’s the reason why you can easily get high-quality T-Shirts & Crop Tops in Select Citywalk. Yes, the Select City Walk mall is famous for housing various brands of t-shirt and top makers. You can easily find several brands and stores which only sell t-shirts for men and tops for the girls. At the mall, you can find t-shirts of various kinds and tops of several brands.

Not only that, but you can also get t-shirts of several top quality brands. For example, quite recently, the Select CityWalk mall opened up its gates to GAP. Yes, the famous U.S based GAP brand has a shop in the Select Citywalk mall. At the GAP Delhi store, you can find T-shirts and tops of several kind and types. Most of the t-shirts and the tops that you can get at this store are designed by top world class designers. The manufacturing of the GAP products are also done worldwide.

The fame of T-shirts and crop tops

T-shirts are quite popularly worn by many boys and men, all around the world. But these days, even girls are opting for at-shirt like tops, which are easy, stylish and comfortable to wear. The crop tops are one such option for them. The crop tops are very stylish and very attractive in nature, and that’s the reason why many girls and very women opt for them. The crop tops are generally used by teenage girls and college going girls.

Why had this mall?

The select CityWalk also has the knack to attract the right sellers, and that’s the reason why the mall is always full of good quality garments and apparels. And in turn, the mall has no doubt become one of the most prominent shopping places of the NCR region. Tons of people everyday head towards the Select City walk mall in order to have fun and shop, in their own style.

That’s the reason why top brands like GAP opt for this mall instead of other malls in the city. Apart from that, the mall is located in Saket. Hence, it is quite centrally located for the whole of NCR.

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