Where to Buy Daily Wear Sarees?

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Daily wear Sarees are something like a necessity for women from a day-to-day basis. There are so many places where you get Sarees so choosing where you go to buy the right saree can be a difficult choice. You need to think about what kinds of sarees it is you want to buy. Your budget is pretty important too. It all contributes in making the decision as to where would be the right place to shop for the kind of saree you want. You should definitely take into consideration all of these factors and make a choice before you walk out of your house. You don’t want to end up wasting a lot of your time and get nothing important out of it.

So if you are planning to buy a Saree in Delhi, do ask around, your friends or people you know about their experiences. You can also get information off the internet and find out what market has the kind of stores which house the kind of Sarees you are looking for. If you’ve got a normal budget, and specially if you are looking for sarees to wear on a daily basis, you should definitely rule out places like Shahpur Jat, Defence Colony and Hauz Khas. Not only are these markets expensive, they are also more into occasion wear, and the kind of stuff you would not be wearing on a daily basis. These markets are so much better for occasion wear and party wear. They are also very well known for the designers and high end fashion that they provide you with. So if that is all your thing then these markets are for you. But if regular wear is what you are looking for, you should definitely skip these markets.

Lajpat Nagar- Lajpat Nagar has got all kinds of stores. So whatever kind of clothes you are looking for, don’t think too much, just get to this market. This market has got a lot of stores which have traditional clothes and Indian wear. And the best part about the market is that not all of these stores only stock occasion wear. You can find a lot of stores in this market which have traditional wear like Kurtis and Sarees and quite a lot more. So if you are thinking about where to buy daily wear Sarees (http://www.zakoopi.com/articles/6-saree-shops-you-should-absolutely-checkout-for-wedding-shopping-in-lajpat-nagar), you should definitely come to this market. You will be surprised by the amount of diversity you will find here.

Lajpat nagar
Source- http://www.zakoopi.com/articles/lover-of-timeless-handloom-top-5-stores-offering-handloom-sarees-in-lajpat-nagar

Sarojini Nagar- While you might not be too sure if you will find sarees and such outfits here if you have only ever visited this market for street-shopping, take our word for it. This market has got so many traditional wear stores, it will be a little tough for you to even go through all of them. So they have so much variety in traditional wear. You can go here and look for what you want. And if its daily wear, you can be sure you will find some Sarees like that for your taste here!

Sarojini Nagar
Source- http://www.zakoopi.com/articles/lover-of-timeless-handloom-top-5-stores-offering-handloom-sarees-in-lajpat-nagar
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A list of ideas to buy wedding clothes in Delhi

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Before you start with your wedding shopping trips, it is great to have a fair idea about how you want to go about it. It’s going to be one really long process, but it always helps if you make lists and organise yourself. Prioritising your needs is also very important. Especially when it is about wedding shopping, there are things you must know.

  1. Make a list

Make A List
Source- http://inn100.com/shopping_places.htm

Before you go out to shop, make a list of all outfits you want to buy. If not the exact kind of outfit, at least gather an idea about what kind of clothes you want to wear on what function. All this certainly helps narrow down your options which can be helpful in the long run, as you will have too many things to do, and little time for them.
So get a list of all the things you need done and before you step out of the house, get an idea about what you are looking for.

  1. Know the markets you want to hit

Know the markets you want to hit
Source- https://www.wedmegood.com/blog/where-to-buy-bridal-lehengas-in-chandni-chowk-with-pics/

Delhi has a lot of markets you can check out, especially for wedding shopping (http://www.zakoopi.com/articles/for-the-expats-4-must-visit-markets-in-delhi-that-give-you-a-taste-of-vibrant-india). All these markets are inherently different though. Some are well known for unique designer outfits, whereas some others are known to have the best budget clothes you will find for your wedding. Some markets have stores that house specific kinds of outfits. If you can get a better idea about that, it’ll be even better. Also, some of these markets are extensive. Finding out about stores prior to visiting them, even a little bit, also helps.

  1. Start well in Advance

Start well in Advance
Source- http://indiaopines.com/wedding-trousseau-tips/

If you are going to explore all these amazing markets of your choice, choose between some unique and amazing designers, you are going to need a lot of time on your hands. Wedding shopping isn’t very easy. Most people spend a lot of time deciding upon what it is they want to wear for the most important occasion in their life. But that’s not all!

Most of the stores ask you to book your outfits month in advance. This time can be painstakingly long if you choose to go for a designer. And that’s not all. You will also need to go for multiple fittings and try the dress on so changes can be made if required. All of this can take much longer than you’d imagine. So I’d definitely suggest you start well ahead of the big day for no surprised around the time of your wedding.

  1. Know your Budget

Know your Budget
Source- http://www.zakoopi.com/articles/best-places-to-buy-bridal-lehengas-in-chandni-chowk-with-price-and-photos

One of the essential things to know before you go wedding shopping is to know your budget. You may even have a very generous allowance for the occasion, but it’s always a great idea to decide in advance how much you would want to spend on what outfit.

These are some of the major things you need to keep in mind when you go out wedding shopping. But hey, mostly, you learn as you go. Have a great time wedding shopping.

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Looking for an Anarkali outfit? Delhi is the right place to be

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Anarkali suits have witnessed a significant change over years while the traditional suits were worn with churidars; the contemporary Anarkali suits styling offers a variety combination that you may choose from. Delhi has been the place where women were wearing these suits for centuries. Been a Mughal traditional outfit, Delhi has witnessed elegant courtesan wearing this outfits for centuries. Nowadays this traditional outfit has taken a place of the most contemporary designs for women. The comfort offered by this suitings are incomparable, be it an office party or a family get-together, an Anarkali outfit is the one you can carry with comfort and style.

Delhi offers you a great variety

There are a number of places in Delhi offering you great deals on the Anarkali suits. All you need to do is to look for the right place to ensure that you pick up the best suit. While you are at the right place, you would get an enormous variety of the Anarkali Outfits at a reasonable rate.

Anarkali Outfits in Various Shopping complex

When the wedding session is round the corner, you should check out the variety being offered by the various shopping complex in Chandni Chowk, Rajouri Garden, and Connaught Place. These shopping complexes are the first thought that comes to your mind while you plan to buy Anarkali outfits, and if it is a lucky day you might get a considerable rebate in these places.

Famous Meena Bazar

Don’t forget to visit the famous Meena Bazar of Delhi for a great Anarkali suits shopping. This is a place in the city which would get you carried away by the hues and the shades of the Anarkali suits. While you are here, you will be offered a multiple choice, and there is a huge chance that you might end up buying all of them.

The 200-year-old shopping complex

Ushnak Mal is one of other place that would offer you contemporary designs of Anarkali suits with a traditional essence. A 200-year-old shopping complex would dazzle you with its variety and quality. They are the pioneer traders in the traditional outfits and tuned with the contemporary trends.

Designers Hub

If you are among those who prefers individual designers over standard brands, then Hauz Khas Village Delhi is the place where you need to be. This is the hub of the contemporary designers. Most of them have their designer’s label, and while you are here, you would get a variety of option to handpick.

Traditional outfits and Delhi

Delhi is the main center of traditional outfits. These traditional wears are not only sent to the various states of India, but they are being exported to different parts of the world. No other place in the country would offer you such a range of collections of Anarkali suits. No other place in the country can offer you such a variety of Anarkali designs. With the passage of time, the designers have adopted several contemporary designs that are the reason the Anarkali style is still in Vogue. Delhi is the right place to be for the ethnic outfits. The place would offer clothing that would match your and aesthetic and classy taste.

Visit for more information of apparel store in Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata – http://www.zakoopi.com

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Summer Wedding Fashion of 2016:

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Marriage- the term itself brings a smile on anyone’s face. Some become happy thinking about their gorgeous would-be wedding ceremony; again some become happy thinking about the upcoming new life. In early twenty’s both men and women have a bit fantasy about marriage. And I would proudly say that a gorgeous marriage is the Indian marriages. From north to south; from east to west marriage are does in a royal manner, to Indians marriages mean a ceremony that not only unite two souls but to families, two communities, and two mentalities, and it is a start of the journey of two souls and two families.

What makes up Indian Marriages?

Now marriage in India is always colorful, attractive and well organized. Indian marriages consist of many ceremonies, and so it takes more than one day. According to the religious, the marriage takes place; some take two days like the Bengalis again some take four days like the Punjabis, Marwaris, Rajputs, and South Indians and so on. The decoration is done mainly flowers, lighting, colorful decorative materials and so on. With the decoration the food is also another main factor in any type of marriages, the food is made according to the community’s choice and sweet dishes that are the dessert are always given more importance with the starters, main courses.  And the Indian wedding dresses are the main attraction of all marriages in India.

Why dresses are the main Attraction of an Indian Wedding:

Now the Indian wedding dresses are very sophisticated and traditional. Nowadays we have individual Wedding collection for both men and women. There is separate and specialized “Wedding mall” setup to help the couple to find the best wedding outfit for themselves. For the women, it is definitely designer Lehenga or the ethnic Saree that should enough tradition and should suit the girl. Though half Saree is also in fashion today for a girl. Before people used only to notice the girl’s attire but now the views have changed, and so the men also wear designer Kurtas and turbans that are well suitable and traditional for the boy and that matches with the girl’s attire.

Adding more to the Indian wedding attires:

Nowadays we have too many designers to design wedding clothes for both the boy and girl. And most the couple try to purchase their “Jora” that is the Indian wedding dresses from the designer’s store. The red color is the most preferred and demandable color for wedding dresses. A girl in a red Lehenga looks as pretty as a girl in a red Saree. And for a boy nothing can beat a red color turban. Though nowadays we have people who try out many other colors. That also suits a lot with their complexion.  Now another important that is to always keep in mind is that dresses are not only for the couple but it is also for the other relatives who attended the marriage, and in Indian wedding dresses are gifted or rather exchange is a way of gifting both families and wishing a happy start to the souls and the families.

Final Say:

So it is clear that a good Indian marriage covers a good stock of Indian Wedding dresses, the decorations, foodies and the wedding gossips without which Indian marriages are incomplete. So this summer enjoys the Indian marriage with the taste of tradition and fashion.

Visit for more information of apparels in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata – http://www.zakoopi.com

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Summer is knocking at the door in Northern hemisphere. And undoubtedly this is quite a challenging season to dress for most of the women. Summer is the season when you can disclose more about yourself as well of your body. But there are some secret tricks to expose or cover up your body in more appealing way. Thus every summer dress must have a thoughtful silhouette. You can create few more different looks in a single dress exporting some different add-ons like with designer shrugs, scarves or something else that can protect you from sun as well add some extra fashion. But you need to know how would be the dress at first. Let’s see what Zara India has to offer us this summer.


Eye-catching Design Details

If you choose to wear a one layered dress like a solid colour airy top, you need to make it look interesting by teaming up with proper bottom wear. You may choose a stylish skirt or capris which will give you a bright, genteel yet cool look.

Choose Thinner Layers

If you are careful of your skin then you would be more willing to cover up your skin than to expose it to the sun. This is not so tricky to do so if you have some skinny blouses or tunics. Just what you need that these should style engraved it in these fully. You can choose even a see-through dress and wear it with either your favourite bikini or a noodle strap camisole underneath. And now you can mix it with shorts, or capris, or palazzo or a long skirt whatever you want.

Find Quality not Quantity

It is not that you need a full wardrobe dress to make your summer fashionable. But find out some quality product which may cost a little high but that’s better than spending on cheap but worthless dress. Nothing is as easy to look fascinating and fresh if you invest in the following four summer dresses available at Zara India.

  • Summer Beach Dress: A beach dress is commonly a dress that can be little shorter than other dresses and most of the time it’s also inexpensive. It commonly doesn’t need extra care and thus easy to maintain. You can consider a white cotton dress with simple cuts and neckline along with shorts.
  • Summer Day Dress: For an appealing day dress you can choose a cotton jersey or a relaxed informal shift dress or a wrap dress as well. At present the skater dress has also become a popular summer day dress option.
  • Summer Work Dress: You can choose a conventional shift dress for a professional yet fresh look and easily can combine with a cardigan or jacket.
  • Summer Evening Dress: For an evening summer dress you need to choose something little different from your day or work dress. Silk is a good fabric to choose for summer evening parties or events. Asymmetrical pattern, geometrical or floral designs are always in fashion of summer time.

Explore the extensive collection of best summer dresses in a pocket friendly cost at Zara India.

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Forever 21 Winter Collections in India

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In a country like India, where winter comes just as a guest and departs within a few weeks of stay, it is often left unconsidered as a potential season for fashion. People think that winter is a season where you can hide your not-so-good-looking clothes under sweaters and jackets. However, that is not the fact. With the right knowledge and idea of fashion, people can well manage to flaunt a deep sense of the trend.


To make sure that you look fashionable and trendy, you need to understand what the fall and winter fashion trend of the world is. For a person with no knowledge and idea of world fashion and for someone, who does not have the time to go through the fashion magazines or watch ramp shows to understand the trend, there is an alternative. It is always easier to stay in trend if you choose the fashion brands that come up with the trendy and fashionable collection every season. Be it summer or winter, you will be able to wear clothes from the latest collection with the help of these brands.

Choosing the right brand:

There are a number of brands that always update their collection according to the latest trends and fashion. However, not all of them are suitable for you as you need to choose something that will suit your taste and also serves the purpose. In most cases, you will need to choose something that will give you a great opportunity of accessing the casual, formal and semi-formal clothing. If you want to enrich the winter collection of your wardrobe according to the fashion trends, it is very useful that you choose the Forever 21 India brand.

What should you choose?

When you are choosing the right winter wear for you, you need to choose the widest range of sweaters and cardigans. You need to make sure that the ones that you are choosing are very versatile in style. This will give you the opportunity to team up your sweaters and cardigans with multiple garments – casuals as well as formals. Crochet and lace incorporated sweaters are very much in trend in the present season, and it seems that it will last for quite some time.

If you are looking for something traditional and classic, the grey, black and solid or block coloured sweaters are very much in vogue. Stripes and bi-colour cardigans and sweaters are also very much in trend. However, if you want to go one step forward, you can go for the blazers, denim jackets and vests. This season, the Forever 21 India brand outlets, through their winter collection, have made assured that prints are incorporated into their collection. This is a fashion trend that the entire globe is following. Now that you have known about the winter fashion and the collection of this brand is the best way to enrich your collection, you can certainly choose the one that you find most suitable for you and your garments. The key is to mix and match.

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Top Shop for Women Dresses

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Women love to dress up and show their fashion to the world. They are very pernickety about what they wear and most of the times they on top of their fashion game. Women are very meticulous about the clothes and the garments they select. They, in some cases, use their 6th sense, which is known as the fashion sense, to make sure that they are buying things that are trendy and classical.

They never compromise with what they wear, no matter what the situation or the scenario is. And, come to think of it, the girls are also pampered thoroughly by the designer houses and the fashion brands.

The companies love the girls

If you just take a stroll around a bazaar or a market, you will always notice that there are several shops and companies which exclusively offer ladies clothes and garments. Yes, the world is mad about ladies fashion wear, and the brands and the companies do everything they can to fuel up that pump.


The ladies also love that, as they always hunt for the best quality and trendy clothes in all this. Top brands like Zara India leave no stone unturned when it comes to making and selling fashionable clothes for the ladies. They always stay on top of their game just to make sure that every single lady looks wonderful in her attire. If you ever visit places like Delhi or Mumbai, you can find several top quality designer house stores from where you can purchase trendy and contemporary clothes from.

Why can you go for western clothes?

There are several clothes and styles that you can wear if you are a lady. These days it has become a norm to opt for clothes that are western in style. The girls in India also prefer to use trendy western clothes as much as they can, as the love to stay always in the loop. Western clothes are deemed very contemporary and with the world evolving, they have become a necessary for many. This is also true for the clothes we wear too.

Western clothes are comfortable to wear too. They come in various styles, shades and designs. It makes a person unique, to say the least. Most western clothes are always manufactured by top brands and big companies, and that’s the reason why most of them depict quality in the folds.

What are the options for you?

When you are looking for women dresses at stores like Zara, you will always end up with tons of choices and options. You will not only get season wise clothes, like Jackets and Sweaters for the winter and Shorts and Skirts for the summer, but you will also get clothes as per your taste.

In the western section, you can always get your hands over some classy tops and some cheesy Formal Shirts. Apart from that, in the women’s clothing section, you can also get tons of options of Trousers and pants. In the trouser section, you can easily go for chinos or cargo pants; they always possess the ability to spark up a situation!

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Sarees that you can easily buy from India

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There are several reasons why one should wear top quality clothes. One reason that comes to mind is of course style statement. Quality clothes depict the fact that you mean business and quality clothes talks about your intention to do a fantastic job. There are other reasons too, but we are sure you might be acquainted with them also. So we won’t expand on that forefront.

However, we would like to stress on the fact that in India ladies only wear or use sarees. Yes, the country is obsessed with Sarees, and here the ladies love to wear this particular attire at all times.


The 4 seasons of sarees

It does not matter what season India is facing, the Indian girls and the women will always wear sarees. Saree is like the most traditional and ethnic, yet the most sophisticated and stylish dress for the Indian girls.

They are quite classy, and when a girl wears it, she just looks like a pretty lady. Yes, the saree is full of charm, and that’s the reason why everyone wears them here India.

Different types of sarees

Now there are several types of sarees that you can purchase and buy when you are in India. For example, some sarees are worn for any particular occasion or event. For instance, if you are a ‘to be bride’ in the states of West Bengal, Assam—or other North Eastern states—and also in the southern states, then a saree is a must for you.

Silk sarees are preferred during marriage ceremonies, as they are light in weight, exquisite in nature, expensive in price and gorgeous in type. There are several silk sarees that you can choose from if you are looking for a bridal saree. For instance; if you are in Bengal, then you must wear the banarasi saree during your bridal marriage. Benarasi sarees are very exclusive, and the work of them is always either of gold or of silver.

Apart from that, there are several other sarees that are available in the market for you to purchase. You can always go for the cotton sarees, or even chiffon or net sarees. In fact, if you believe that you want to go for something upbeat, then you can always select the zardozi sarees. The zardozi sarees are quite handy with heavy body work and craftsmanship. Shops and stores like the multi-city Fabindia stores keep all types of sarees that you can buy and use in order to satisfy all your taste buds.

What about the prices?

Sarees come in different types of price ranges. Some can even come in prices that are very inexpensive. For instance, some cotton sarees can be worth Rs 500 or less. However, the expensive ones can cost up to lakhs of rupees. There is no upper limit, as everything depends on the material, stitching and, of course, the craftsmanship.

If you want to check out various types of saree price ranges, then you can easily check out the Fabindia store, which is located in a market near to you.

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Manyavar – Promoting Evolution of Traditional Clothes for Men in India

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A designer Sherwani from Manyavar is an Indian correspondent of a western suit. It is considered to be a formal garment that is worn in important events in India. It has successfully evolved over time and usually reflects the grace associated with political, cultural and economic situations that exist in India.


Bandhgala Sherwani – Comprises of Two Parts

At present, Sherwanis are preferred to be the best match for the grooms. As a formal piece of clothing, the Bandhgala is highly preferred. The history that exists behind this dress material is rich and deserves special commentary. Sherwanis for men are two-piece garments that are comprised of:

  • Jacket – The length is waist length, long sleeves and usually includes Nehru collar.
  • Pants – They normally refer styled trousers. Some go for tightly fitted trouser which is known as churidar.

There is an optional extra accessory that is usually worn around the neck. It is a scarf which may be embroidered, plain, bright colored or printed. Manyavar Delhi offers the scarf to be worn for festive occasions like weddings or festivals along with formal occasions. Sherwanis are versatile   garments that are worn for festive as well as formal occasions alike. But the style is chosen in order to suit the occasion.

Cultural Influences on Sherwanis

Cultural influences on types of Sherwanis play a vital role in selecting the best. The Sherwani can be easily styled in a modest manner that is lightly embroidered and detailed. Heavily embroidered Sherwani can be chosen for selective occasions. There are many communities in India that frown upon very heavily embroidered garments but prefer simpler styles.

There remains no doubt regarding the fact that this dress material reflects cultural sensitivity of being modest along with not showing off material wealth fully. There are some communities including Punjabis and Sindhis who take pride in wearing richly detailed and embroidered Sherwanis from Manyavar. They really take pride in showing off their wealth.

Economy Affecting Choice of Sherwanis

Economic situations also influence the type of detailing along with fabrics used for stitching Sherwanis for men. Among all, silk as well as linen are highly expensive fabrics that prove to be graceful in special types of gatherings like Bollywood parties. They are generally preferred by affluent communities.

Others tend to go with cheaper silks along with blended fabrics like cotton-silks at the time of purchasing Sherwanis. When viewed politically, Sherwanis have been used to make subtle statements regarding national identity. It has also helped to distinguish the Indian style of dressing from that of western.

Sherwani – Must be Worn with Due Pride

You may see Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as a classic example of an Indian who wore exclusive quality Sherwani suits for key political events. After viewing such an example, Manyavar takes pride in designing and displaying high class Sherwanis hence reflecting Indian culture in the best possible manner.

Hence it can be easily concluded that the history of this traditional garment is very rich and holds many aspects that influence styling. Sherwani is such a garment which must be worn with pride as it has successfully served multiple purposes over time. Good choice for celebrating occasions!

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Top Tips to Buy Pantaloons Anarkali Suits – To Get a Touch of Royalty

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Choosing the right type of dress is paramount. But in the same time, choosing the right party wear is the most important aspect of party. In order to steal the lime light on party day, you may give a try to something different.


Standard Anarkali Suits – Best Choice

Standard Anarkali Suits are the best choice. In order to create a long lasting impression, you need to ensure that you get your dress either stitched from an expert tailor or get a readymade one. Pantaloons hold ample options regarding party dresses for you. But it is good to choose the one with which you will feel comfortable.

Designer anarkali suits are considered to be perfect in case the person holds a perfect body. Hence, finding a good anarkali dress for a grand occasion will usher in thoughts of retro dressing. To a great extent, such a dress material is reminiscent of the Mughal History, which is being re-lived these days.

Contributions by Pantaloons

It is typically a flaired bell shaped dress material that was worn by actresses in Hindi movies. But today, Pantaloons Delhi has contributed a lot in rewinding back the lost tradition due to which people are purchasing these dress materials in bulk.  You will be able to avail a multitude of choice from where it will be possible to choose the best.

After you have selected the best for you, you may get the same altered by the expert hands of tailor to make the dress suitable for you. It is really a daunting task to get your anarkali suit stitched A-Z by the tailor as there is a huge difference between an ordinary stitched material and the one done by the auspicious hands of reputed designers.

Professional Designers – Providing the Latest and Best Stitch

Professional designers will be able to provide the best and latest stitch hence making the wearer exceptional. They include their creativity and innovative skills to design the perfect suit for you. Anarkali suits are considered to be perfect fits for Bollywood theme parties. They can also be worn in case of wedding parties and anniversaries.

As these dress materials cover the whole body from head to ankles, they have really proved to be subtle and sensuous. Along with a good quality suit, going with the right type of accessories will upgrade your look up to a certain height.

Getting Matching Accessories – No More Difficult

You may easily go with the online apparel stores of Pantaloons and others to shop for the best matching accessories. Try to be a bit particular about the material, designs and colors you choose. Although the basic design of anarkali suit remains universal, you will be able to find some variations created by expert designers as they love experimenting with the base design.

You may pay visit to some fashion shows organized and telecasted to get a rough idea regarding the latest trends. If you intend to buy your favorite dress from highly fashionable stores like Pantaloons, you will definitely get the one you are looking out for. It will be better to get your measure to easily get the perfect fitting.

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